(FC) Free Chlorine

  • (FC) Free chlorine shows the level of disinfecting chlorine available to keep your pool sanitary.
  • The level of FC you need to maintain depends on your CYA level and how much your pool is used.
  • It is important not to allow the FC to get too low, or you run the risk of getting algae and/or having an unsafe pool.
  • FC is raised with bleach, liquid chlorine, liquid shock, trichlor tablets/pucks/sticks, dichlor powder, cal-hypo powder/capsules, or lithium hypochlorite.

(CC) Combined Chlorine

  • Combined chlorine is an intermediate breakdown product that is created in the process of sanitizing the pool.
  • Chloramines are formed as a product of combining chlorine with body oil, sweat, urine, saliva, lotions, and feces.
  • Chloramines (CC) are poor sanitizers and have a gaseous tendency.
  • CC indicates that there is something in the water that the FC is in the process of breaking down.
  • If CC is above 0.5 your FC will be brought to shock levels according to your CYA levels until CC reaches zero.