CYA-Cyanuric acid

  • Sold as "Conditioner" or "Stabilizer"
  • Cyanuric acid acts as a “stabilizer” that helps chlorine hold up better when exposed to the UV rays.
  • An ideal level of chlorine in an “un-stabilized” pool or spa can be lost in less than two hours on a sunny day.
  • Because Cyanuric acid acts as a “stabilizer” it reduces the effectiveness of the chlorine.
  • 40 ppm is the minimum to prevent the sun from destroying chlorine's effectiveness.
  • CYA determines the free chlorine levels for proper pool disinfection.
  • Free chlorine levels should be adjusted according to the levels of CYA in the water.
  • The recommended range for Cyanuric Acid is between 30-80 ppm depending on the level of sun exposure and the average depth of the pool.
  • 80-100 is ideal for salt water pools.