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When you're with Titan you never have to worry about chemical short cuts such as bromine and copper to keep your pool blue.

____Titans Advanced Water Analysis____

The advanced pool water analysis measures:

pH- Power of Hydrogen

Ta- Total Alkalinity

FC- Free Chlorine

CC- Combined Chlorine

TC- Total Chlorine

Ch- Calcium Hardness

CYA- Cyanuric Acid

Borates- Water Conditioner

Salt- Used to make chlorine in salt water generators / water conditioner.

Copper- Used by some companies as an algaecide, with potential to stain hair, nails, and plaster.

Bromine-Highly carcinogenic form of chlorine widely used in the pool industry. You'll never know if your swimming in it without proper testing.


The consultation also includes free admittance into pool school. Where, we go over pool chemistry 101 lessons explaining each of the parameters of the water analysis in regards to swimmer comfort and your pool; thus giving you a better understanding of what they are and the relationship between them. Then we move on to Micro Biology 201 the prevention of pool cooties. Titan believes in preventative maintenance and knowledge is the first step to a healthy swimming environment. Next is Equipment 301 where we cover the newest equipment updates in safety and energy savings.

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