Do your skimmers work this well? If the answer is no, then your pool may need to be tuned properly. Call Titan for an assessment. Tuning results will vary based on the pools design, but all pools will clean more efficiently when tuned properly.

"I am greatly satisfied with Titan Pools services. John is very reliable and extremely efficient. He goes above and beyond our expectations for a more than reasonable cost. I would highly recommend Titan Pools for anyone looking for excellent pool service."

By mattie04

"We have been using Titan Pools for maintaining our pool for over a year now. We did it ourselves for a while when we first moved in, but that was a real hassle with all the chemicals. Then we went through a couple other companies-- what a nightmare-- always a different person, they didn't care about the pool, just did the minimum and left, and we continued to have algae problems. Then we discovered Titan Pools. The owner, John, is the one who always comes and does the pool. He is extremely conscientious about his work and for the past year, our pool has been an absolute pleasure to use. No more algae problems and the water is crystal clear. I highly recommend Titan Pools for your pool, large or small."

By dave91x

"John is meticulous in his attention to detail with my pool. John actually took the time to make some adjustments to my pool so it stays cleaner in between his visits. He also got rid of the algae problem I had on my waterfall. When John comes out he also does not just clean the pool, add chemicals and leave. He actually takes the time to check everything out on the system and let me know immediately if something is wrong. If it were not for John catching some problems early, I would have had some costly repairs to deal with. Needless to say John has a customer for life."

By Tim Flowers

"Wow! Titan is fantastic. A friend of mine rented a house with a pool. She and her kids were excited to begin their summer with a pool. Unfortunately, the pool had not been maintained. I thought I would be able to come by and clean filters and put chemicals in and they would be swimming in a day or two. However, that was not the case, she has a DE filter system and we couldn't even see the manifold. As I tore apart the filter and started cleaning, I was overwhelmed at the task at hand. I called a few companies to get advice and ask for assistance. Titan was the only company that offered same day assistance for us. When they arrived John was more than knowledgeable and helpful. We had already been working on the pool for several hours before they arrived. If John had not come by and helped us I'm not sure how long we would have worked on the pool. Thank you Titan (John) for all of your help and support with the pool, we look forward to working with you."

By Kelly

"Titan is the best I am new home owner with a pool and no knowledge about pools
so a friend recommended Titan so i called that morning and they (John) came out that afternoon I was so glad to see him and he worked very hard all evening the next day I saw great results and he even came back two days later to make sure that everything was ok John is truly the best THANK YOU JOHN"

By Darrelyn P.

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