The Woodlands Swimming Pool, Equipment Protection, Cleaning Process, & Routine Maintenance

Titan is always finding ways of going above and beyond the pool industry standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

_________Titans Equipment Protection Plan__________

• Never pour chemicals directly in the filtration system.

• Never leave tabs in the skimmer baskets.

• Never overcharge de filters to prevent excess strain.

• Keep salt cell and chlorinators clean and free of debris.

• Protect plaster with Titans three part plaster polishing system.

_________Titans Cleaning Process_________

• Empty skimmer baskets.

• Skim the surface of all foreign material

• Clean the tile with a course bristled brush.

• Vacuum the entire swimming pool.

• Brush the sides and bottom using Titans plaster polishing system.

• Check chemical levels.

• Rebalance chemical levels.

• Add a maintenance dose of clarifier/algaecide.

• Clean the pump baskets.

• Check and record filter pressures.

• Clean deck of all pool debris.

• Leave a door hanger with comments.

__________Routine Maintenance_________

Automatic cleaners

• Clean debris bag on automatic cleaner.

• Inspect inline filter and clean when necessary.

• Check for obstructions in jets.

• Inspect and tighten wheel bolts.

• Rebuild when showing signs of wear.


• Empty pump basket weekly.

• Replace broken pump and skimmer baskets immediately.

• Keep detailed notes on filter pressures and perform deep cleanings on schedule.

• Multiport valves are disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and inspected for wear on schedule.

• Inspect gaskets and clean foreign material from pump timers.

• Regular vacuuming will be done with an electronic cleaner, reducing wear on pumps and filters.

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